The why and how this movie came about 

In 2020 in Geneva, after having been to the HUG at 5am, to help and comfort a close friend, 48 years old, who had been a victim of  "the date rape drug"  I decided to write her terrifying experience in a screenplay form in order to make a short fiction film. During the writing process, I realized that the film could be used as a prevention tool to all young teenagers, addressing those aged between 14 to 25 years old, who I believe prevention actions should be set in action well before these young teens start gathering out at parties, where they can be confronted with this drug. And second, addressing those aged 16 to 26 year olds, who are the most affected victims.

In order to create a greater impact on this young audience, I hired young actors between 18 and 28 of age, to accomplish a greater resonance with the young target audience. Our actions are at the same time at the forefront to serve parents, teachers, political leaders, the nightlife scene and the medical field to inform and creat more awareness on a social problem that concerns us all.

During the preparation of this film and until today, I continue to meet more and more young people that entrust me with their frightening experiences, as victims of this devastating drug. Confronted by this dreadful flea, I was propelled to enact and engage to spread the awareness. This short film is here to act as an effective prevention campaign targeted to all High Schools, and Colleges institutions; and to disseminate the information on all social platforms, the Swiss Television station RTS, and other communication tools used by the youth.

As the mother of a boy who turned twenty in 2020, I feel directly concerned. I understand that being a teenager, or a young adult, is having to learn how to avoid the potential dangers of the night life, which can sometimes be complicated to grasp, as they advance in life, believing they are invincible.

Most often it is during the nighttime that the young people are being exposed to the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, therefore the storyline of the film is set out at night, in a nightclub, under a relaxed, pleasant and festive atmosphere, where we forget the type of dangers that are surrounding us. We want the young audience to be able to identify themselves with the young characters in the movie, who come from different backrounds, to show them that any young person can be a potential victim, independently of their race, background and social category.

The goal of this film is to spread consciousness and make the young aware of the dangers of this drug that can ruin their health, shatter their life, sometimes forever. For this reason it is important for me to be able to prevent and inform the young public. This film is short film based on a true story, making it more speakable than a documentary, which can be key to get the message across and create a greater impact, as it portrays that

 "It doesn't happen just to others".

I wish the impact of this film to strike the minds and as a final goal, to save future victims and lives.

A society that ignores, is a society that tolerates!